they might of chipped me and used me for years off and on til got what they wanted I tried they making people think bad of me there is alot others knows I cared more than you knew before they got completely in my mind and chipped me as well as witchcraft controlled us mind control another form of saying witchcraft control honestly Get right With God 

Don’t give up keep fighting the good fight they blamed a lot of stuff on us the well known brands its in the names 

For their things I was a easy target for them becareful  

And becareful of voodoo witchcraft curses they put on me too they stole my identity for years off and on 

Don’t pur your name go anonymous always its a crazy world live in 

The battle is only the beginning get saved and put on God armour that only thing you will need with his protection 

One thing at I helped some go toward God all glory to the Lord Jesus 


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