Who going to believe me they have basically been using thru different people for awhile off and on for years why cause I’m a easy target and they got it where I guess to blame of their things the used me for thru out my life while they set and have money power whatever for their twisted bad minds 

What can do right time turn and guess they have tried to turn people and my mind thoughts around anyways .why would I want to live if I been chipped and controlled and monitoring by witches the slight bit a sin after I been forgiven for to come in and open and do as they please making me think crazy things in my memory

Making feel I can’t even be close to God how you would feel 

I don’t I guess they tell me or make me think what I think they used me then throw me I get pulled from thing to the other 

I really did actually care about people to be honest no matter what the power greedy people of the control of the world makes you think 

I even prayed and felt God with me I prayed for everyone 

And some I actually helped to go forward toward God 

All glory to God of course always 

Now I guess sense I prayed and prayed and I had tried find the best in people for years I’m nothing again to them cause hey they got what they wanted and that’s what matter right no matter with sick twisted things they used me with 

Anyway I know I got to forgive 

I know I don’t think its right that a woman down stairs and other places try to control our thoughts and minds and can even hear my thought or anyone else 

This chip things isn’t right at all 

Hey I’m their easy way of seeing things they been using for years without me knowing and didn’t understand what the heck was really going on for their self reason 

I tried to be there more than they knew thru their trial and tribulations 

Now its seems as this chip is getting in my way 

As the one in my head the one in my jaw is and neck is getting on my nerves 

Anyways how are they any literal hope for me

I know they are for you all grab it stay close to God and get saved 

And I literal hope they leave be and quit monitoring me and go monitor their self for change mind their own business 

Anyway they have turned this around for their power  

Greed and hey why they need for now right 

Its OK tho 

I did try tho I know that so don’t forget that the real me did care 

Get right with God 



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