They make me feel as I can’t even take care of my family 

And it seems some don’t believe me I’m not really a lazy person to not see after them 

But I’m being messed so much anymore I can’t do nothing so I wonder why do I need to be here if they won’t let me take care of my family as they do theirs

Its free no its beware you never what out your TV your music the net any of them things and sometimes when you feel and don’t understand why you feel your not all here like floating 

Its very weird how they can control so many and so many don’t even know 

I’ve tried to leave this world thinking that what they want 

But I don’t understand why use me and speak negative about me all the time for what their own thing in life sick twisted no sense 

I believe in God 

I don’t think who ever theses witches and occults that are messing with us 

Wants us too 

I have my mind messed with everyday and night 

I feel things coming out my body I hear random songs sometimes out of nowhere 

I feel it has taken me for awhile off and on 

I didn’t realize it til now 

More so 

I know I have been chipped several places on my body thru out like my head along the jaw my neck etc

I see flashes of light sometimes when I’m sleeping my eyes closed 

Has anyone went thru this ?
Or have random words or thoughts bad that’s not of you to think 

They are messing even with simple people 

Im type of person would want anything bad for anyone

And I’m a type that talks people out suicide 

They have made me threatened if I don’t I have been trying I know I shouldn’t 

But I have been told I was forgiven now I was told that I had a slight bit of sin left the witches got thru and our messing with me again I don’t think it’s all witches I think its the high ups I prayed them as well

I didn’t a lot of stuff as I do now if I had choice I would of never watched TV or got on the net 

Or even listen to music 

Why don’t they want to mess with such good things to entain 

There some many with some many unique talents out that are good to watch in itself without having tapered with like that 

Do you ever as if the TV is talking about you or something is trying to point things out you didn’t do but trying to make feel you did 

Its crazy I know I wouldn’t believe this stuff if I didn’t see it or feel it 

I would tried to help someone but you don’t know unless you been thru it I know

I know sometimes we shake the evil away and flee I feel hadnt been able cause of this last chip they put in me and other spells and curses they put on me 

You really need more people to teach about being saved and spiritual ware with it afterward

I have been told actually read its not good to do unless your saved or do spiritual warefare with a Christian born again 

I never knew that witches really could do things to be honest I would basically ignore it when people talked about it

I didn’t know there was a lot of different kinds of spirits 

Get saved Jesus Christ does give us the authority we do so 

We have been fooled by movies TV shows net etc music 

We can’t always see theses things and wondering theses movies seemed odd or music etc

Any way like I said thru out I didn’t know what taken over off and on

I guess they where right I’m easy target and I cared and thought anyone could be helped 

I tried to see the best in people before and give words of encouragement sometimes that helps people to know they are important and to let them know that they cared about in this world and God does you all never forget that

There is many talents from us all

I don’t to see anyone hurt in anyway I know it happens 

I feel if we are angry go and calm down try to find something positive to maybe relieve your stress thru out 

Don’t hurt noone on purpose 

If don’t like them stay away from them 

Don’t say bad stuff cause I found rhsr about the same wish the best for them 

Its hard I know I’m controlled chipped and feel I can’t have mind unless someone if controlling or messing with it

Noises sometimes bothers me smells sometimes does and music and TV weird I know 

Dont underestimate what really out here and sever all ancestor curses etc with prayer 

And they use some many things to mess with us 

One thing certain with God all is possible so get right with God

Your choice if want to or not it is a wise choice don’t let the devil win thru mind 

Or any other way 

I know what I’m saying 

And probably then why aren’t you 

I did I know he is real all the way thru

And I should of never left his side ever

I try not watch TV anymore or listen to music hardly 

And I was one to watch TV and listening music loved it music 

All the way 

I didn’t have a clue whyi felt weird off and on most of my life 

I hear to tell its not to late for you get help and more forward and built that relationship with God 

I can honestly say that to you


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