I didn’t even have rights in my own home cause of mind readers and twisted sick ones using me for their thing for power greed witches 

I repent I ask forgiveness for all and prayed but some didn’t want that they wanted to continue to use me why cause I’m easy target and they chipped me

I feel sense they wanted me isolated from the world and tried to make seem that I didn’t want help or be there I did and I was in different way I prayed and they took that from me too

Im not the only one they messed with us in different ways we cared in different ways 

You need forgive quickly ask for forgiveness and right by God hand it over to God never want by for no one he will handle it believe and trust in God 

They might of got me down don’t let them get you 

Be careful TV net dentist surgeon etc 

Watch out who you let in your life 

Try to find the best in people but becareful at the same time don’t be vulnerable equipped your self after you ask to be saved and except Jesus Christ in your life equipped eph 6 13-17

Psalm 91 hedge of protection go out in the world with the fear of God and believe in God always never leave his side 


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