My last hopefully they will finally let me go 

I did actually care about many 

I didn’t turn my back on you I was getting mess with by witches and other 

I have chipped monitored and used and controlled for years

I have been trapped in a room not being able to do much cause they keep messing with my mind 

Monitoring it

Twisting and using me for their sick things 

I’m dome

I cared I really I try to find in the best in people some are trying to make me out to be a bad person cause they used me now they turned around to make it look that way 

If I have been chipped and had a curse put upon me

And been told being monitored by witches etc 

And I can’t even go out my room to go to bathroom without feeling Im wrong for going to restrooms  and they are putting music in my mind and pictures a d word pictures 

Bad things and things or people I watched on TV

I sever all ungodly negative soul ties every night 

They are framing a lot of us and making us think theses are of us when they are not 

Its spiritual warfare get right with God get saved get someone to teach you about spiritual warfare 

As for me like I said I did care I even prayed all the time

Then they messed with that too

And I couldn’t even go and do anything in my own home 

They know they monitor me and control what you and I think becsreful on the music you listen and TV and net its not always the actually people singing or on the TV etc

Its the corrupted power money greedy ones that think they own us becareful

They have threaten my family and other family as well

So before you start thinking I never cared I did 

They didn’t want me to have anyone to stand for me after they got all they wanted for their greedy twisted ways 

Stay close to God

And try to keep mind clear from garbage that some are trying to pull they try to mess with my mind not no more this one 

I’m done 

I have felt worthless most my life I was reminded a lot how worthless I am and I forgave them

Forgive quickly honestly because your hurting yourself more when you don’t

I have popping things coming out my ears landing sometimes on things making a loud popping noise or stinging me sometimes

And with them making people think I’m nothing its OK 

I still think people are unique in their own ways 

And you are talented and special so before you think your not 

Think again

Try to positive focus on your relationship with God and everything will work out as planned for you maybe not what you wanted but maybe better plan than you knew 

I might be I prison in my mind and in body by them don’t you be keep on pushing thru all you can ask God to lead you don’t let the devil discourage you don’t give up 

They had to blame to mess with someone for their twisted things they wanted what better than I was tolda easy target a push over 

Even to the point I flee from evil 

There has been occults and witches and Satanist that has turned away and went towards God so don’t think there isn’t any literal hope for you cause their is its hard thru trial and tribulations keep going you got this believe and trust in God 

Maybe God have mercy upon our souls I pray 


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