i hope you all have a pleasant life honestly

Are they ever going to stop torturing me I have no clue  and quit using me for their things I don’t know becareful who let in your life and don’t underestimate someone when they say they are a witch I try to find the best in people i did 

I didn’t know that someone had me chipped and control me like I’m their robot I’m sorry I let some down and couldn’t talk to you anymore 

I can’t talk to many anymore it seems that OK as long as everyone is happy I guess and doing OK 

Please don’t hurt noone or worse everyone has bad days find something positive to get your anger out maybe

If you cant get along with some one then don’t talk to them simple as that walk away 

Don’t do nothing bad to them life has up and down no one has everything we all have them days why make it worse for each other you find you will be happier if you don’t and maybe try doing something for positive for others 

My opinion 

I’m tired of being monitored after they used me for their own thing 

I mean why am I still here there is some around me that wants to mean and try to mess with my mind and make people think bad of me tontwist my thought around why you say because some get enjoyment out of some pain its not right 

I know best for us to do is hand it over to God forgive quickly try to fight thru it

I being trying they put something else on me now human implant chip as well as a spell

What I can do 

Am I happy no would I want anyone else to go thru this no 

I pray they don’t 

I can’t take of my family or be there for anyone I feel like I’m prison sometimes they got my mind prisoned and got my family thinking I’m lazy they turn their minds around too

Its true  

Please get close to God 

Stay there with God 

Jesus Christ loves you 

I know some might not want to hear it its so 

I know your thinking then why is this going on 

I can say I still love Jesus Christ 

Even after all this 

I guess its not meant for me 

Don’t think its for you 

I care enough to tell you 

He’s real I’m not saying that he is 

And he loves you all 

Get saved please 

And be there for each other and try to care for one another don’t hate that of the devil

God is of love he a fearful God no doubt but he is a merciful and loving God 

 Lord Jesus Christ is saviour believe 

Time is coming close God is near I’m being honest 

Becareful of the TV net and device you use believe it or not they can control you thru them hypnotise you thru it and demon can transfer thru it as well

I’m not crazy I’m being honest I actually care and I’m taking a risk writing this I bet 
There is no free in this world 

Break thru and be free with God with you and your love ones and others to care about 


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