No matter what kinda stuff they try to put in my mind or your mind I do care and they are trying to make me out something im really not a bad people

They have controlled me off and on almost all my life 

As they do others 

Please fight thru it and try to care for each other and do some nice thing for each other sometimes the simplest nice thing to do to show you makes a world of difference might be surprise make some feel good and change their life for good result and help them toward God 

I know some are thinking is he real he real and loves everyone 

Pick up the bible and read it you might find you need in and open up the life he gave you 

Forgive quickly and ask for forgiveness at the end of the day 

Humble yourself before him get right get saved 

I can’t make you I can’t only suggested it for you its up to you only you can make that decision and feel inside yourself don’t rush it 

Ask him to lead if you really feel it that your ready to take that step toward God 


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