care try too 

Even if they make me feel I can’t live life and be next God like I want don’t mean anyone else can’t  they might of put a curse on me and chipped me doesn’t mean I never cared nomstter what they make you think them witches demons aliens whatever it maybe 

Care for each other stop hurting each other please 

Money power isn’t everything 

It doesn’t matter how much you have if you care and love as we are suppose to 

Fight thru the demons or anything else it might be try to follow the goodness you inside he gave you 

I know they probably not going to let me live I know cause what life is it anyway if I can’t care and help people and my family not much for me actually and if they won’t let me near God either then what literal hope do I have right they put bad thoughts and word thought in mind and twist my memory around and put music Random songs in my mind please help people and each other its hard out here enough for anymore anger in this world we live in be in peace work forward in life 

They might of stop me for reading and etc or talk to others and thinking for myself anymore understand they can’t you get right with God help each other 

Don’t get chipped if possible I know you never know I didn’t i was told and shown 

And break all negative ungodly soul ties every evening

Get right ir you can make a effort and care for each other it will be better in the long run believe me 

They might of took me and others we actually cared about so much 

Becareful please 

If they don’t want me to have life then why won’t they let me go is beyond me hopefully soon I can releasse myself from this world

Noons should take their life its a gift my life inside on me now what’s making me breath is taken already if I can care for my family and other and be near God what life is that in the first place its not I know that 

I know they say witches are monitoring now and controlling me but I have feelings too 

And right to speak as they say free country no I’m afraid anymore hasn’t really ever been it seems maybe free in some ways than others but not all together no matter where your at don’t stop believein in God cause is the one that can lead us I still believe there is angels out here and the ones sends to help each other pray anywhere you are to God its the right he gave you no matter where you are  you can believe in God you have eternal life thru Jesus Christ died for your sins and risen again on third day 

I’m being honest thru all this weird stuff out here its your choice to follow God or not I know only you can make it 

Please try to be there for each other nomoe hurting each other or hating each other if cant get along stay away from each other never wish bad  for noone  try find positive things to do to get that anger out 

If you follow God ask for forgiveness everyday and the of your evening for anything that irriated you and break ungodly negative soul ties everyday 

Move forward everyday believe and think good thoughts push thru 

I might not can much but you can and I care enough to let you know  

Regardless what they do inside my body 


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