you never kno who is staring at you in wrong reason 

becareful get right understand with God all things possible 

He’s real believe me he is I know some might be like they don’t want to believe it cause all of the stuff the demon and Satan has tempted you with out here for awhile

He is get with him 

His love is more than anything the devil can give you believe me

When you feel that happiness in life that’s God 

Becareful also from TV and net their is demons that get to you without you knowing and occults without you knowing I found that out 


Love each other stay close to your family and friends forgive quickly and be set free from the evil that messes withyour mind

They might not of let me but they will youas long your not chipped and close doors to demons and sins every night sever cut all ungodly soul ties ask forgiveness for anything that irritated you thru the day 

Becareful out here love each other watch over your friends forgive them and watch your family forgive them 

Watch over your neighborhood forgive them 

Praise God name 

Thank The Lord Jesus Christ for all he did on the cross 


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