its weird i miss talking to people 


I’m going thru this right now click click click 

And making my family think different things

Now some others actually I’m going this being torture and control and was used for their things 

I ask forgiveness 

Yes I stillbelive in Jesus 

I know they are clicking me and messing with my mind 

I’m sorry they are basically making me feel I can’t do nothing and also at the same time I know God knows and I got to keep that in mind

And keep loving him

Thru this 

I lay here and wonder why they want to chipped me 

Their people out here going thru things that aren’t chipped and going thru demons and other stuff and getting freely forgiven and be able to keep going in life as they need too

And its forgetting

I know that its because why I knew I did love and care 

As God wants us too about each other 

And there is nothing they can do on that might torture me and mess with me but I know there is other people that know its not I’m going thru this when they there is other that don’t care 

And other that going thru things freely forgiven and not living like this everyday

I feel I can’t help my family yet anymore and my friends they twisted my mind making me think different than what it is but there is some that still know I was messed with and I did care about a lot as you should 

And never ever wanted bad for no one ever

As I wrote that guess they didn’t like it they clicking me again 

Its ok I literally hope God has mercy upon us all 

And he hasn’t stop loving me still 


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