I’m done I cared but they are going to continue and if I can’t have my mind then what do I do becareful there is also report that demons are going thru WiFi left and right I know crazy to some but its true Real wish who ever put this voodoo curse on me would of did research to see wasn’t what you thought did get chipped etc so forth believe me being totally honest get right With God and don’t want nothing bad for anyone and send blessing maybe they might need help to go forward toward don’t want bad noone  its not going to make it better for either of you  He will handle it I know you probably OK then why not me I did talk to God I believe God They didn’t want me to move forward with God so with this voodoo curse put on me guess what I still love God and Jesus Christ So get right and do better by God by your side for everyone stop being mean believe it or not we all have pproblems in this world don’t make it worse Stop with spells aand chips and have you to be honest Remember God loves you Satan care less about everyone no matter 




Its not right anymore 😦


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