How can they use me monitor me and off and on thru years and then let me suffer torture anyone like this 

I wouldn’t want this on my worst enemy it sucks how they chip me 

Mind control for years 

From witches occults 

And others 

I didn’t ask for this none of us did 

Nor would I want anyone hurt or worse a lot of don’t 

I sever all soul ties every night 

Maybe I can’t to God now 

I’m so lost on things I got so many different saying different things 

I pray God hasn’t left me hasn’t left any of us 

I love God

A lot did 

Can you please forgive me God knowingly unknowingly and forgive others 

I know I can’t make anyone go to Heavenly Father 

I can ask them too 

Please do so 

And quit maybe watching TV etc 

I feel they have messed with thru things the years I don’t what to think anymore 


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