Ow it feel when you got a witch that you have been supporting not in family but treated for along as family there for them and trys to control the neighbor against along with other makes you feel you can’t have friends used for their own use and throw away like your nothing when your of no use to them 

And try make me people think bad of you why for power 

Control you and can’t eat drink 

Put curse on you and not understand 

I really cared about people and treated garbage and feel I can’t walk forward in life make feel like a prisoner in my own making other think different and they are doing

I’m person that use to cook clean take care of family be there for friends 

Try best in people and now get treated move forward even with God 

So basically they took about everything from me 

And still I don’t understand they let me take my life 

I have nightmare cause of it they put things thought in my mind by me 

Some I haven’t about in years 

And even put negative thoughts my mind 

Yet they more forward laugh it up eat as much want

And I can’t do anything in my life in my home

And turn my family against me and I guess my friends too

I haven’t been able to talk to them 

And I couldn’t take my own cause of them

But yet I still cared about them 

Crazy huh 

That’s life my life been used back and forward all my life looks even for things I never want tell you that right being honest completely

Anyway gotta talk to someone might as well talk to the page here 

I remember when I use to set love to spend time cook clean everything simple things and help people if could be there if could give some positive outlooks of life and care tell them cause I believe it we are unique in our own way and special in own way 

And I see that in people

And I wanted to tell you something I think people hurt anyone if you can’t get stay away from each other find something good to do not bad suggestion 

Everyone has problems why cause more 

Some didn’t want that for me cause they what wanted if from not knowing used me throw me 

I never want nothing bad no one no matter what negative words they put out here 

Or things they try to make it look like 

After they used me got they wanted 

Sorry I got feeling to kinda upsetting 

Please be good to everyone if can ifnot stay from each other 

Pray try to get close to God

And care for each other


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