I’ll kill myself before they kill me

How can a witch of woman live downstairs use her family even the young ones and me 

My family and other families and even hurt and other and knew it too 

She turn around make it look like me then turn table 

I actually did care she even my friends and turn away it seems made it so I couldn’t talk to them or feel like I could talk anyone 

And even get where I couldn’t move on in life but she did she don’t think they don’t know there is a lot of people that know she did wrong 
Made like a prisoner in my own home 

Smoke her CIG blow at phone 

I prayed everyday for people 

I felt God 

Everyday with me

I even tried to get her near God 

She used my friends and me to throw us away like where nothing 

I was tried to save her too worried about her many time worried about them all

Actually she makes thing different what it is in my mind twists it 

But made me as if I can’t go to God cause little sin she set there and get in cause she a witch or satanic cause I know a fact she is 

She had me chipped made me as if the way i could talk was thru mind like how that possible 

Made me as if I couldn’t talk any other way talk about bad her family and used them mine and others now she doing again I get told someone going to kill me this month and low and behold her family calls not saying its family but know she used all of them like she used us and they did 

So before she turn and think all bad me my family and other families being honest 

She was one that was controlling my mind right and making things that they some of them did as we did it and other as we didn’t 

I remember when I there everyday praying there for her 

She laughed when the kids had diarrhea where she worked  at and mine too

She tried to control them

I pray she isn’t control the big place she works at now like she before 

She control us and more then they work for not so very nice company its satanic 

May God have mercy upon our souls 

I pray 

I actually did believe in God

He is powerful 

I got chipped implanted 

They used me and made memory be twisted and thing I flee away from evil times in my life like other have x

She even had curse put upon it seems and is a monitoring witch it seems of mine 

I don’t know how she would of liked it them monitoring her and controlling her even what she eats 

I remember she said I don’t care I eat anyway and don’t pay attention it anymore I don’t care

I did honestly I didn’t half the time what was going but I did I tried and what better way was with God but I couldn’t hardly leave go anywhere without made I couldn’t or talk to hardly without that I prayed I might been able to do as he wanted more as walk forward go out and do things he knows I was chipped prison torture monitor cursed 

Im sorry God I disappointed you 

Im sorry i disappointed my family my friends and everyone I never wanted anything bad ever for anyone never would none of us do 

I know got to forgive I’m sorry for this anger resentment 

I have been torture monitor cursed chipped used by some many I forgive them I do

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t least let a lot of us be close to God as we wanted for years go into my used controlled me I forgive you 

I wanted to take care of my children and family and help others they wouldn’t let me

And made it look like I didn’t care when I did 

Anyways I know i got to forgive hard when can’t do anything even simple things without them making me this controlled 

I was told someone going to kill this month 

I pray for everyone to close to God please 

And do right life don’t pay attention what they try show you if they in my mind in bad ways 

I know God more powerful than anyone and when comes back you will see 

I’m not perfect but I did ask forgiveness knowingly unknowingly keep going in life always with God have lead you thru it all 

It so to hard have a life where your monitored and want to have everyday simple thing clean etc 

And couldn’t do that 


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