Been here I know how this is not right and to be mess with on anything before thru items movies food etc

Not right 

Even where I couldnt take care of my family and be there for anyone and make me look nothing after you get what you want we sure wouldn’t nothing bad for noone

Try being monitored try being prisoned in your own home even when your praying to God in Heaven 

Not right I wouldn’t want this for noone  should go thru this 

I guess they wouldn’t let me go thru their ways and treat me like I’m crap and make us turn away from each and try to turn against us and make us look negative along with other then say about blame I blame Satan and demons more that’s their destroy us all 

Love and care for each other as God wants us to 

I know its hard sometimes you better off then put up with this 

Believe me they you think things are your fault when they not 

Why didn’t they let me take me out why they wanted the last bit of my 

body and soul 

Cause things that messed me messing with them 

But they can go off without chipped or being monitored til you felt you couldn’t read or even cook pray or nothing actually lay here nothing 

Its hard and then get attack by evil more with other evil things 

You tried to find the best in people 

And let it go 

And try to help find out you get used and monitored 

All the way thru off and on 

I tell you if I could go back I would of never has surgery ever 

Nor watch TV or listen to music 

And actually probably kept myself 

Cause I don’t like feeling this 

Theses not of my thoughts nor would ever want anything has for anyone 

I guess i am worthless now that I am of no use and I couldn’t move forward its OK

I’m glad and honored i got the opportunity to feel God with me and help some go toward God 

All glory to God 

And know there is other and some of families of ours and yours he sends his message thru to reach out to us 

Sometimes he has been there when didn’t know 

I can’t make noone  but I say he loves you and doing good for each other he is there

I suggest you go towards God

And keep going pray everyday 

And forgive others and ask forgiveness every night 

Its your choice 


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