Being prisoned in your own home they try to reprogram your mind against you after they use you 

Now I feel what literal hope do I have in life 

Why don’t they gok ahead take me out they spread bad lies after they used me 

Got what they want we are aren’t the only they did this too

Now i feel I can’t get close to God anymore 

Got to point I had to stay in one room why this person did what she wants being adult 

We supported her even when she isn’t our family family but we did treat like it before til

When now I’m demonic oppression with theses demons messing with me monitoring witches and they are basically worse in some many demonic ways 

Cause at least I tried to be there for them and tell to go towards God

I don’t ask for much in life 

I’m not perfect nor a lot is anyone

Some we flee evil and sometimes some let us til we can’t do nothing like to flee 

I literally hope God forgives and mercy on our souls any of us and anyone else out here they treated like this 


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