So before you think anything I was type person cared about everyone and forgave when I was used either stay remember good and or stay in touch when I could there anyway if you needed me

Try to see the best in people even when they treated me like garbage 

I still forgave try to see the best in them til now I have been mind control chipped 

And they used til now they monitored me like witches do 

And say bad stuff about me 

Trying to reprogram my mind against me
Even when I was with God 

Now it seems they got me to point where I can’t do anything yet they make it look like that’s my choice 

Now they open up demonic doorway they say i don’t know if that true it seems it is 
And even turn my family thinking I won’t do nothing to help 

Cause power greed money

Watch who let in your life and what you listening to some our fake 

I can’t even go get help anymore or move forward it seems 

They go on their demonic ways 

I literally hope literal he has mercy upon our souls and everyone else in need 


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