Ry having life being monitored in your home was there for them and others get used and still forgive they what want and throw you like others do 

And then your nothing again 

And you try to get close to God and they take away and your email 

And friends and your life while they act like they do know no wrong they not blood relative but you treated good was there when other wasn’t 

And now be mind control monitor I have been told by many

Becareful what email and watch for cable and WiFi they monitor it too 

Becareful for your life 

I know there people going thru things want help and flee from evil years off and on 

Never know what it is 

But do and now they keep messing with mind what’s sense of living they basically took my life others as well 

And act like they do no wrong and mess with us every night and try control us for up here down there more so in other places some knows you mess with us and other and them 

We believe in God and believed in his power 

And strength 

Now you have open up so much put negative out here about me and others and more so why for power greed money popularity grow up really honestly get right with God I told you before and quit trying to switch on my family others families who actually believe in God 

And wanted to follow him each day 

Heavenly Father I send blessings upon blessings to anyone trying to so please help with this anger and any demons or other messing with us and others 

God watch over us each day show us the way I pray in Jesus name Amen 


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