As going to take care of my family as I said but they wouldn’t let me 

Its not that I didn’t want to its being mind control til I was demon oppression to open doors that I never knew and understood and asked forgiveness knowingly and unknowingly

I pray still to this day that God has mercy upon all are souls 

Its not right to not have right and be monitoring by someone you helped thru things and was there I know but we have to forgive and hand it to God 

I know no one see this no more it seems but I want to write anyway cause I need to talk to 

When you flee from evil becsreful who you associated with 

Try find best in people try to care and watch out for yourself 

Someone could be monitoring you and use you and make you look bad 

When you feel you have no help don’t get dismayed 

Believe me I might imprisoned by one not of family that I thought was 

But I know forgive 

I have break free from that 

Understand its not me that’s ruining lives 

I believed in God 

And I got that taken from me it seems 

Can I get help I don’t know why my WiFi and email taken 

Can’t do nothing for family like I use to

Why to be used made up and thrown away 

I know I have forgive its hard when they imprison your mind as well as your body 

And chipped as well

Why the air is changed against me I pray he breaks free for us 

I pray he hasn’t left us never 


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