is it godly like tolisten and read people minds put thoughts in my mind hold me hostage in my home when i ask that to leave they wont leave they stay yet they had chance to renew their mind no tricks no chips and worked for corrupted and used us for power and control to make it look as if they are innocent of all 

being attacked in the mind everyday and feel as if you cant read anything nor listen to bible without bad pic put in your mind 

you prayed you believe in the in him alwways and i do believe God

and then thrown away after and feel as there is no literal hope for you

and even have their used against to belive and know i talking about our saviour Jesus Christ

and feel threaten by someone living here not of blood and yet your treated good 

but they made you feel threaten to take care of your own children and to use you

and put pics music in mind and act as they do nothing wrong at all

as if they didnt and you wanted to take of them the right way with the God
you quit smoking you dont drink or nothing else

yet you attacked each night

and they dont live in this town nor do you living in your home like that

you was concerned about physical and spirtual

and then they basically made as if you couldnt get toward God anymore

made it were your alone 

i pray God has mercy upon all of ours for we didnt know


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